Looking for Retail Treasure

You'll Find It At Jomar


Check it out - we’ve remodeled our stores and built this sharp new website to improve your Jomar experience.

In our stores, you’ll see big big changes. We’ve painted them inside and out, put up bigger signs, flashier posters, and color-coded each department to make it easier for you to find retail treasures.

Online - along with our new site - we’ve increased our Social Media presence (hello 21st century!) giving us the opportunity to connect with you anytime, anywhere. Being on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr will allow us to offer you exclusive web deals and discounts, as well as show off our proud customers (like those featured on this site).

And don’t be scared - just because we spruced things up a bit does not mean that we’ll be jacking up the prices. We’re still the same family-owned and -operated discount department store that saves you up to 70% OFF regular department store prices. And we still carry an always-changing variety of fashion, fabric and homegoods thanks to frequent deliveries of returned items from the top department stores.

Because we receive new bargains every week, the best way to get to know Jomar is to stop on in and check us out. We have locations all over the Philadelphia area. So search out every store for our exclusive single items and fall in love with the hunt.

The retail treasures are all around. You just gotta find ‘em.


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The Hunt

Fall In Love With The Hunt

Explore Jomar to find exclusive items at ridiculously low prices. Plunge through racks, scope out deals, bag a trophy, uncover Jomar gems.

Variety is the Spice of Shopping
Our inventory is always changing thanks to daily deliveries from the top department stores. We add thousands of fashion, fabric and homegoods bargains every week, causing Jomar shoppers to salivate when they hear our delivery trucks backing up.

Find that Jomar Gem
Many of our deliveries include one-of-a-kind single items as opposed to the same top that your friend Tanya’s been wearing the last three Friday nights.

He Who Hesitates Has Lost a Bargain
Because Jomar is packed with unique single items, if you see something you like, you better snatch it up. You might never see it again.

Divide and Conquer
Bring a friend and map out an attack mission. All the better to uncover those elusive bargains. Four eyes are better than two! Six eyes are ideal, but not on one person.

How Low Can You Go?
Get tingles when you look down at that designer label and see an amazing discount on a Jomar price tag. Math isn’t so boring after all!


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We Go Back, Wayyyyyyyyyyy Back

We’ve Seen it All: from Cotton to Tie-Dye to Paisley to Polyester to Cords to Flannel to Fleece to Cashmere to Cotton to Tie-Dye to Paisley…

Way back in the 1960’s, Barry and Richard Segal, two brothers from West Philly with retail in their veins, rented an artsy little building in South Philadelphia and started Jomar Hosiery, Inc.

After packing and selling several miles worth of stockings over the next several years, and getting to know a little more about what shoppers want to shop for, the brothers hit upon one of life’s basic truths: customers are people first, and people are endlessly hungry for quality merchandise at deep, deep discount prices. What’s so genius, you ask? Well, nobody was filling that particular retail void very successfully. So Barry and Richard took it upon themselves. They began quietly purchasing salvaged goods from a local department store and building up a healthy inventory of labeled clothing. Turns out, there was more to life than pantyhose. “Build it,” they thought, “and people will come.”

And come they did. Sales grew strong and customer interest even stronger. Jomar quickly took on other lines of merchandise besides apparel: accessories, dress and drape fabrics, domestic items, home goods. The Segal brothers were soon filling aisle after aisle with purchases from regional department stores, mail-order catalogs and national specialty retailers. They had begun to proudly offer the one-of-a-kind retail treasures now found exclusively at Jomar.

The rest is…well, suffice it to say that today, Barry and Mark Segal (Richard’s son) continue to respond to their customers’ desire to own high-quality brands at laughably low prices. They appreciate the secret little pleasure bargain hunters feel when they come upon that undeniable, must-have item...and get it for a song.

Still Philadelphia, still family-owned and operated, and still dedicated to the thrill of the hunt, Jomar continues to diversify its product offering and to open more and more stores. Visit any Jomar location today and you’re sure to find an abundance of retail treasures, and loyal, sharp-eyed customers who come back again and again in search of that next, best bargain.


Click here to see what our customers have to say about Jomar.