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Anna Marie Cifelli I really enjoyed my shopping trip! The prices are great!!
Crissy Phillips Love Jo-mar!!Thanks for being an inspiration to me. Found this fabric on your designer fabric table. This is one of my favorite dresses.
Lynette Dawson Plus size, plus great savings///I love JOMARS
neko canales it was awesome.
kelly Swinton Hi im Kelly from lawncrest.. Im infatuated with this store. this bargain was 19.99..UNBELIEVABLE
Marisa Steinberg I found this dress at the South Philly Jomar for 30% off! I couldn't help but add my own spin on the dress, so I sewed on a beige zipper with gold teeth (also a Jomar find!) on the edge of the neckline. This dress will definitely be one of my summer wardrobe staples.
Jennifer Neubauer I have been sewing for years; when I found Jomar fabrics with great choices and awesome prices..I can change everything in my house as often as I want...where can you get fabric for as little as $1 a yard and talk about decorative trim!!
Justine Jackson I absolutely love Jomar for buying my fabric. I am a period costumer who does lectures and presentations on the 19th century. Without Jomar, it would not be possible for me to continue on with my costuming hobby/career. With the types of fashions I am recreating, the widths and quantities of your fabrics are ideal because these are large gowns. Not to mention wonderful selection! I am wearing a replica three-piece bustle circa 1871 in a delightful pale pink striped cotton. It's so sheer and perfect for this summer outfit. The bustle underskirt is also made of a heavy cotton I bought at Jomar, as well as my period undergarments and trimming for my straw hat. There is no fabric that would have been better for this particular outfit as it's very light and airy.
Conrad Booker This and one other piece I used for a photo-shoot for a hair competition. I reworked the dresses purchased at Jomar, added additional fabric and black plastic drop-clothes to produce a "couture" garment ready for its close-up.
Nannette Konstant The fabric we found at Jomar was used to make both the flower girl dresses in this photo.
Nannette Konstant We found the perfect color tulle to make a unique slip to go under my daughters wedding dress!
Lindsey Marra With Jomar, prom attire for the two of us only cost $40! Fantastic deal!
lakia butler black fabric made to make skirt for muslim garment. She loves the outfit
lakia butler this is a blazer i got from the store next to the walt whitman bridge.. I love it and so does everyone..
lakia butler Blue fabric and buttons bought from Jomar made to make this muslim overgarment.
lakia butler i found this skirt at the jomar next to the walt whitman bridge.. i love it and can match it with any color
Linda Sivilich Love the fabrics and ribbon at Jomar!
dominique allen wedding, linen on table
Suzanne Mastroeni Great heavy duty fabric used to make a floor pillow for one of the Flyers' biggest fan. It was given as a wedding shower gift, and is a great accent to their Flyers room!
pat ciaramella This white and Yellow/WHite fabric was a true FIND. I made a new sofa slipcover AND upholstered my OTTOMAN to match for under $30.
camille edwards this lovely floral dress is a hit on any occasion. this is Easter Sunday
adam augustine made this with fabric I bought at Jomar
Carmen Velazquez I purchased a pair of jeans just in time! My favorite jeans just wore out (in an unrepairable way)! I went shopping, and found these Levi's. They fit perfect! And the price was so good, I purchased two pairs! ... thats me in the center, with my jeans and purple jacket! Thanks Jomar!
Regina DePaolis When I became the costumer for a local theater's production of The Heiress, I immediately knew that Jomar would have affordable fabrics for the antebellum period costumes I would have to construct. The large hoop skirts required a lot of fabric. Jomar's affordable textiles allowed me to be creative and still stay within the show's costume budget.
Sheria Broadnax I brought this fabric when I can to visit my mother. The fabric cost me little of nothing and I made a dress that I would charge over forty dollars. Thanks to Jomar I can manage my sewing business a little better.
Courtney Gray Perfect for what I needed - a friend's daughter needed a skirt to wear for her drama club's theater production. She requested blue tiers in a peasant skirt.
Jennifer Neubauer My guest bedroom is a company loves to stay in the room....thank you Jomar. The fabrics are awesome and there are times I come to to have a look around....always end up buying....and I have found great dresses and things on my way to check out!!!!
Jennifer Neubauer Great fabric for cushion remake.....Nothing like Jomar fabrics!!
Liona Goodmond I always find the best unique one of a kind fabrics at Jomars. This was a great find for $3.99 which I only needed 3yds $$$$$12$$$$$ to make a dress that makes a demanding statement. I love Jomars selection of fabrics.
Jennifer Neubauer Remade cushions for friend's sofa set with perfect companion fabric from Jomar
Jennifer Neubauer Have shopped fabrics for years; my whole house is Jomar. I bring my friends with me to share selection and savings.
Shari Siever Jomar fabric department, you ROCK! Thanks to some colorful corduroy and your oh so nice selection of zippers, my mom made me this adorable skirt! And I absolutely LOVE it! Here's to you Mom 3>3> and Jomar 3>!!
Alena Mokhan I bought the rest of the fabrics and created this cute outfit.
Anne McDonald This is a husband pillow and matching throw that i made from fur fabric that i purchased at Jomar. My find was wonderful since i got it when all fabric was 50% off. It is incredibly soft and cuddly. Thank you!
Elaine Ehrlich The rose is my absolute favorite part about this jacket! I think it is beautiful.
Elaine Ehrlich I love that its reversible, thats the best part!
Elaine Ehrlich I love contrasting between bright white and the dark black! This is one of my favorites!
Elaine Ehrlich This is one of my favorite outfits that I have created. I love wearing it out and about.
Valerie Logan BOGO Levi's Jeans!
roslyn henley Great
lavada white This Entry is for my 11 year old Daughter Jahnya Smith her DOB is 12/27/2000. same address. She broke a mirror to pieces and glued them on the shoe.
MARY LOU SEBASTIAN I made a table cloth and recovered kitchen chairs with Jomar fabric.
Maryann Rose We picked up this dress at Jomar for only $3! I wore it to my friends' amateur photo shoot in the park and it looked really good. We got so many great pictures of this dress.
Aaron Schiela two great decorations for the front yard. i love them!
Ginger Benckert This was an awesome find. I bought all the fabric, lace, and trim at Jomar! My grand daughter just loves it!
Valerie Witherspoon The find was awesome. The trims at Jomar are "outrageous". The colors, the selection, and the price all come together at Jomar. I am able to satisfy my customers, because Jomar satisfies me.
Valerie Witherspoon The find was awesome. The trims at Jomar are "outrageous". The colors, the selection, and the price all come together at Jomar. I am able to satisfy my customers, because Jomar satisfies me.
Aiyi Li At Jamaica .
Aiyi Li My babies at the zoo.
a l Love Jomar!
Aiyi Li Sharing my happiness with Jomar.
Ana Ferry As the costume director for Archbishop Carroll High School we did the grand production of Beauty and the Beast. With a cast of 60 High School Students and 80 grade school students we had our work cut out for us. Nearly every costume had some element from Jomar be it fabric, buttons, sequin jackets, etc. Don't know what we would have done without Jomar!
Charlotte Wilson The cabinet, jacket, and cap were terrific finds. It pays for me tro shop here once a week.
Mike Muller Amazing!
aaronell loper Jomar has awesome animal print fabrics !
Marie Jensen Awesome, I made this for my granddaughter for easter she looked so pretty!
Alisha Bell My find at Jomar couldn't be better. We own an event and interior decor business. The fabric for the drape, table clothe and columns all came from Jomar! The drape allowed us to showcase our window treatments talents, the table clothe adds a nice base to showcase our floral designs and the columns are rentals for events. With a little extra details and accessories we get our clients ready for the party and extra money in our pockets! Thanks Jomar.
Marisa Steinberg When I first visited the fabric section of Jomar about a month ago, I'm pretty sure I stood in awe with my jaw dropped for a solid minute, blocking other eager shoppers behind me. The endless rows of trimmings, the bins of miscellaneous beads, and the buttons! As an avid (but broke) follower of fashion with a constant impulse towards D.I.Y. projects, it was a pleasantly overwhelming experience. Despite being mesmerized by everything, a roll of sheer beige fabric with black velvet polka dots immediately caught my eye. The print was virtually identical to that of a designer dress I had seen while window shopping in Center City Philly. I grabbed two yards of it and spent spring break sewing my own version of the dress. I think my dress turned out very similar to the designer one, except there is one major difference: mine cost about $6, the designer version cost about $170. I'm so glad Jomar is making fashion accessible to people of all budgets (like this penniless college student) through their amazingly inexpensive selection of fabric.
aaronell lopwe Awesome Orange Fabric At Jomar. Only $3.99 / yard.
aaronell lopwe Jomar's fabric is fabrilicious !
lavada white I am submitting this for my 11yr old Daughter Jahnya Smith DOB Dec 27, 2000.
Carmen Velazquez I found a great purple easter dress and matching purple/black heals. The set worked out wonderfully! With all the compliments received, I would say this was a well worthy investment!
Shari Siever Showing off and rockin my Jomar find all the way in Hawaii at the famous Sunset Beach! Found these adorable, very ocmfortable sandels for just $20 and got lots of compliments so far! Thank You Joomar!
Maryanne Burnett I love JoMAR style! This is one of many in my JoMAR collection! I rock JoMAR 6 out of the 7 days in a week! This flashly vest is perfect for all ocassions! ESPECIALLY NEW YEARS EVE!!!!
Mallory Thum I got the fabric from your store and I made the dress and stole....I love it and had a great time at my prom! Everyone complemented me on my dress.
Joann Galleo I treasure hunt on the tables of endless ribbon scraps to find just the right ribbon to make my unique jewelry. I love Jomar for your great bargans!!! Thank you I can't do it with out you....
Julianne Kelley It didn't take very long to start spending my $200.00 reward money, and after all this I STILL have money left! Thank you Jomar, you never cease to amaze.
cathy morrow-daly I made this top and the drape panels! Thanks to Jomar's great prices I feel free to try new projects and broaden my sewing skills. I just absolutely LOVE Jomar!!!! Cathy
Tara Broadway I made these for a Sleeping Beauty performance in Media, PA I got the material and accessories at a Jomar store. :-)
scarlett ortiz My daughter is wearing a lovely floral print top with matching pants this was very easy to find.
Tine Uddin Amazing
Ana Ferry As the Costume Director of Archbishop Carroll High School I visited EVERY JOMAR in the Philadelphia area while costuming our production of Beauty and the Beast. Nearly every costume has something from JOMAR if not everything! All three of Belle's costumes were made from JOMAR fabric! The cast would never have looked so amazing if it wasn't for the tremendous pricing and assistance I rec'd from JOMAR! This picture is just the tip of the iceberg!
aaronell lopwe Jomar has the best prices on fabrics and trims! "Orange" you glad I designed this hat and bag?
Kathleen Prillerman Traveling to different Jomar locations;I was able to match the skirt with the top, A silk sensation.Thank you Jomar!
adam augustyn Made this with jomar fabric and trim. Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast Quashigah Extremely wonderful, as a designer, shopping at Jomar makes my work much more easier, cos., everything i need for my project they carry, i don't have to go far or to pay full price as other stores would cost. JOMAR IS MY SECOND HOME, I Love the store so much, till my husband thinks i'm nuts. Thanks Jomar
Ainour Werbock I made curtains for bay window and regular window for total cost of $66 on fabrics tand trims I purchased at Jomar on Grand ave in North east Philadelphia! These curtains otherwise would have cost a fortune!
Julianne Kelley When you're a broke student on a tight budget, the first thing you learn to do is get creative. Here's a dress I made from an extremely reasonably priced, men's shirt with a great pinstripe print!
Julianne Kelley Couldn't stop myself again! I found this awesome plaid chiffon at Jomar for a skirt I wanted to make and at $2.99 a yard, it was too easy to buy a couple extra yards for some added gussets (and I still have extra!).
Monica Ferreira All the fabric is from Jomar. The back of this dress had 3 types of tule of course found at Jomar as well.
Monica Ferreira For this dress I was able to even buy the cord from Jomar. There's not one thing that's not from Jomar. Love Jomar
Monica Ferreira I love buying fabric from Jomar,it's inexpensive and a great variety of fabric.I go back and forth between Whitaker and Grand for my fabrics.
Michael Stimson This was a dress made from Jomar fabric for Fright Factory Haunted Attraction. 4 identical dresses were made.
lakia butler hi-waisted flare skirt made from Jomar fabric..
Patricia Rowe I was looking for fabric to make slipcovers for my "Plastic" patio chairs and found this great sripe.I pre-washed the fabric and it crinkled and I loved it!! I have shopped at Jomar for years and just can't get enough of all those great fabrics for a price that can't be beat. Thank you so much Jomar!!!
Dave Lynch Another Star Trek Uniform made with fabric purchased at Jomar. I normally shop at Whitaker or Grant Ave. Jomar stores.
lakia butler Army inspired muslim over garment made completely from fabric brought at Jomar
lakia butler Fabric I bought from Jomar, which was made into a muslim over garment for my sis (belted not included :D)
lakia butler This was ALL fabric (except the vest), that i got from Jomar and made a muslim over garment for my sis..
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
lakia butler I used to go to the one on I & Venago, but then started shopping at the one next to Walt Whitman (but they fell off to me).. I NOW shop at the one on Adams/Whittaker--- I ONLY go to Jomar for the fabric
Yahnaz Young Ifound my tool from jomars very experiencing and great to work with. Also my skirts came out very beautifully.
Jamal Morrison This is a piece for my spring/summer 2012 collection.....I had a entire runway show and i got ALL my fabric from Jomar. Here the link to the other pictures of pieces from my show.
G Hyun Kim Awesome costume satin I bought a while back & some pleather! Flounce, fun, and girly! The perfect party dress that took yards and yards of fabric but for an awesome price. Thanks so much Jomar!
G Hyun Kim Just a few of my pieces from separate collections. Bought most of these at a dollar a yard! LOVE that I can get awesome deals at Jomar! Totally makes the selling price worth it, when you can get high quality fabrics at an amazing price. Especially when you're a poor art/fashion student. My model is wearing my dresses and I took the photo :) What do you think? Maybe I can be on project runway one day? Thanks so much Jomar!
Melanie Reker designer fabric to die for - 2 yards in the remnant area..just enough to make this lovely dress.
Lauren Chronister I found the black lace and taffeta to complete this dress I designed at Jomar. It was inspired by wild turkeys, and the bottom is covered in real turkey feathers I plucked from harvested birds. Jomar had the perfect fabric to complete my turkey inspired gown. This picture is of my model Amy and I.
Lauren Chronister This is an adorable little dress I made with Jomar fabric for this lovely lady, Libby. She absolutely loves her cupcake dress! Thanks Jomar!
Leonard Pollack another student design. this girl was 15 as well. great fabric on the dollar per yd. all the fabrics for the design course were 1.00 per yd.
Leonard Pollack a fashion design student,15 year old girl.knit fabris from your store.
Leonard Pollack This wedding gown was made from your fabric for a friend that was 7 months pregnant for her marriage.
Leonard Pollack all these fabrics were purchased at Jomar for a class I taught in Fashion Design
Leonard Pollack all these fabrics were from you in a fashion design course I taught
Caroline Kohler This is my cousin's wedding dress I made, all from fabrics purchased at Jomar. The quality is so amazing (silk chiffon!) and the price was so fantastic, how could I ever shop anywhere else? Thank you so much for making all of my designs, crafts, and home projects possible.
Kat Richter I sewed this gown BY HAND using Jomar fabric for my senior thesis, which involved the performance of a baroque dance from 1725. Between the dress and all of the undergarments, the entire outfit weighed several pounds! I was thrilled when I found the fabric: it was both within my budget and perfect for the stage.
Amy long beautiful purple wool purchased from jomars
Dawn McClary Where but Jomar can you find a total spring outfit for less than $25.00! I purchased my sweater $7.99 my pants $5.99 Necklace for $1.00 My shoes were a steal at $10.00. This is why I am a loyal Jomar customer. Come on to Jomar and find you Treasures!
jasmine kim oh hey jomar! while girls are spending hundreds on prom dresses, i spent only $20 on mine! 4 yards of beautiful satin :) can i just say, jomar is the place to be for aspiring designers! <3
jackie bingham 2 dresses green & blk, blk and white
Lindsay Harris-Friel Harvey is a wolf puppet. His fur is gray blanket plush, and his ears are lined with a pale pink stretch knit fabric. His mouth is lined with black broadcloth and his teeth are white felt. His mohawk (not quite visible) is made from a black feather and silver tinsel trim. All of these materials were purchased at the Grant Avenue Jomar. He was made for a Puppetry project at Temple University. I got an A.
jackie bingham velour pullover with black trim
Lynne Rabchuk I find lots of great Jomar fabrics which inspire me to make one-a-kind articles of clothing like this "Gemini shirt"
irina parkhomchuk It is really great.I did find fabric in Jomar on Grant ave, to make this headboard and beading for girl.Thank you so much
Thitho Horowitz Made an Owl pillow from different discount fabric I brought from Jomar during your 50% off sale. Total cost ~ $3.50, my friend loves it!
Rich Rosa In college I majored in Fashion Design & I always went to Jomar to load up on fabrics because the prices are unbeatable. There was a sale on Metallic fabric & I fell in love with the fabric I used to make this dress & bought a ton of it. So many people have told me how much they loved the dress.
Therese Garvin These costumes were made for the production of "Les Miserables"...I love Jomar!!
Therese Garvin I am a costume designer and I love shopping at Jomar...I always find what I need. This picture is from the production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
Julianne Kelley I am STILL using up this navy polka dot fabric that I got months ago from Jomar to make dresses and shirts. Its a steal that I got it for $2.00 a yard!
Deborah Park The store has has been a god send to me. It has gave the the ability to start my own Machine Embroidery business. Thank You
Sandra Hunt I found my JoMar for my special day! My husband's eyes filled with tears when he saw me coming down the aisle.
Deborah Park Finding inexpensive, high quality fabric isn't easy. When I went into Jomar's and found this stretch of satin fabric I couldn't believe that I could get it for such a low price.
Dave Lynch Star Trek Uniform made with Joma fabric
j dougherty Reupholstered and good enough to sell!
whitney smith This is convertible dress I made. Jomars is my #1 go to store for fabric! This dress only cost me $10($2/yd) at Jomars. You guys are awesome!!
Lauren Chronister As a design student it's hard to find great fabric at prices that won't break the bank, especially wool. I found the navy wool for these pants at Jomar and it was just perfect to set off the contrasting checked fabric. My pants jacket combo came out perfectly thanks to Jomar. My model Amy loved the pants so much now she wants a pair too!
Zamena Kisenda Jomar is my favorite store. It has great bargains. As a matter of fact, I was there today.
shirley rowland Me in a yellow leather jacket from Jomar.
crystal stephens Found this awesome material stashed in Jomar's treasure of fabric and off to sewing machine I went! I also trimmed the dress in leather trim found at Jomar too. My daughter looks like a model.
crystal stephens Found this awesome material stashed in Jomar's treasure of fabric and off to sewing machine I went! I also trimmed the dress in leather trim found at Jomar too.
Lizzie Furino This was a great find! This skirt is made from a plain white button down in the women's department and a super fun polka dot print from the fabric department.
Lizzie Furino Every Jomar find is a great one! I made this great skirt by sewing fabric from the fabric department onto a skirt from the juniors department.
Lizzie Furino So great! I found all the materials for this dress in the fabric section at the Norristown Jomar!
crystal eagland pretty simple the blouse was 8$ and the skirt was 10$ the shoes were 20$ this outfit is very casual.
Julie Lange Bought my caftan fabric and Earth shoes at Whitaker Ave store. Ready for summer!
Ellen Carbajosa-Eronico The month of May is famous for the Santacruzan Festival in the Philippines. This is a procession of beautiful ladies representing world renowned queens (Queen Helene, etc.) in beautiful gowns. This one I am submitting (partially finished) is for the Queen of Roses(Rosa Mystica).
Samantha Ganci As a fashion design student on a budget, Jomar is always my first choice for beautiful fabric at at great price! Jomar allows me to go wild with my creativity and my fabric choices are endless! Thank you, Jomar!
Afi Johnson I must admit that my find was very great
Tina Dang My mother purchased fabric from Jomar to create this amazing one-shoulder ruffle dress perfect for a night out!
Fiordaliza garcia it was a great find, im fascinated with my shoes and my dress. i just love jomar that's why i always tell all my friends and family about you guys.
Julia Davis I found great fabric and trims to make curtains, crib skirt and glider cushions for my niece's new baby's nursery. Total cost about $70.00!
Allison Hopkins This coat was only $5!!! It looks great on my little Wynn! Thank you!!
elaine luu great
kim Pachell Great fabric used a christine haynes pattern
Valarie Jones I’ve been an avid seamstress for over 35 years and recently a friend told me about the Jomar stores. I live in Delaware, but I am not a native, so when she told me about your stores and the fabric department, I made a beeline to your Columbus avenue location and I haven’t looked back since! I shop at every location and have yet to be disappointed! My church celebrated Black History Month and the ensemble you see here, worn by our First Family) was made with fabric purchased from what I now refer to as “My Store.” (and by my store, I mean ALL of the locations!) Don’t’ they look FAB-U-LOUS! Thank you Jomar’s!
Maribel Guzman Good price and good fabric.
Meredith Weiner This is my daughter as The Duchess in "Alice in Wonderland." I design and create the costumes for her theatre company and I love Jomar because I can get fabulous fabrics and stay within my modest budget. All the fabric and trim for this costume was from Jomar!
carmen velazquez I love my hat and nail clipper from Jomar! The hat is cute! The nail clipper, well, useful! :)
Malaina Hatcher I bought at the Jomars store located inside the Cedarbrook mall. As soon as I entered the store I immediately laid eyes on the all coats 50% OFF sign. I notice that there were only one XS left. I tried on the black DKNY coat and it was a perfect fit. I purchased this coat for $20.00. A great deal for a fabulous coat.
Malaina Hatcher I walked into the store and it was like the coat called my name. It said "hey Malaina, over here, yes me 50% off come purchase me." I instantly made eye contact with the sign that said all coats 50% off. I walked over and picked out the only xs DKNY coat that was on the rack. I tried it on and what do you know, a perfect fit. Awesome deal!!
char garvin Love it!
Dana Burgest Shopping in Jomar fabric section is like a kid with a dollar shopping in the penny candy section!!!!! I am never disappointed in finding different types and styles of fabric. I am a fashion designer trying to create a name for myself in the fashion industry. Jomar has definitely helped me to begin my start in succeeding in my dreams. Having a small budget and being able to find good fabric with great quality is great!!!!
Julianne Kelley I included the middle image of the dress on me because it best tells the true color of these two gorgeous fabrics I got during a half off sale at Jomar. The outer shell is a luxurious navy pinstripe and the top/inside lining is a unique navy polka dot chiffon that helps add weight to the very dramatic and consequently quite easily blown up hi-lo hemline. (think Marilyn over the subway grate) It turned out to be an eye catching and daring little dress for a girl like me :)
Julianne Kelley I found this beautiful white knit a long long time ago and had no idea what to do with it until recently when it proved to be the perfect fabric for this little cut-out dress that I am now in love with.
Julianne Kelley One of my favorite dresses so far that I made from a stretchy white lace from the sale section! I recycled leftover navy pinstripe fabric from another dress for cuffs and a snapping belt that add perfect finishing touches and contrasting structure to the cut edges at the neckline and hemline. Not the easiest outfit to get into since its pretty snug, but definitely worth the wiggling!
Julianne Kelley This is a dress that no matter how hard I tried to photograph it, just looks better in person, the crimped navy blue fabric i used for it was very forgiving and I wish now I had bought more of it! A hi-lo hemline and some hand made chiffon flowers sewn together add some personality to this cute sundress.
Julianne Kelley My mom brought home a single curtain one day with the idea that I might be able to use it for something. So what did I do? I made it into a dress! The see-through sides and front look great over a colored slip underneath.
Julianne Kelley I found a bolt of this green gingham and went home with the entire roll because it's so cute. This particular dress was a challenge for me, I make my own patters, so matching up the squares and making each seam perfect took forever but was a learning experience and well worth the effort since the results were fabulous if I may toot my own horn. :)
Julianne Kelley This fabric was a surprise from my mother one day who bought me a few yards of floral print a little out of my comfort zone but I think I definitely made an adorable outfit from the matching teal I already had (I even covered all of the buttons in the floral fabric to tie them together).
Tasia Leonard I buy all of my fabric from jomar! I made that dress I'm wearing for my album release party and I made the red curtain behind me, all from jomar. I got all of my fabric and materials from jomar to make this beautiful get up!! Thank you jomar!!!
Ngoc Phung Le Using fabric purchased from Jomar, I was able to make my own fashion statement top.
carletta Morton finding my fabric was very easy because jomars have alot of fabric.
Lizzie Furino I love to buy fabric from Jomar and make cute outfits out of what I find. The selection is great and there are so many choices!
denida seybert I was able to find the perfect fabric for my project really cheap. Thanks Jomar.
Shasta Schatz Jomar is the only place where I can buy 20 yards of taffeta without breaking the bank. My Clockwork Droid costume was a big hit for Halloween. Thanks, Jomar!
Mary LeGrow I play a princess character for a children's party entertainment company, and I also sew some of the costumes that my company uses. Our character visits wouldn't be as magical without the amazing finds in JoMar's fabric shop! The children adore the glittery, designer-look fabrics I use for our costumes, and I love the incredible prices and special finds, like the unusual trims, flowers and appliques, that add unique touches to each costume. Parents always want to know where we get our amazing dresses made! Thanks for helping make little princesses' dreams come true, Jomar!
Shari Siever Once again Jomar fabric department rocks! I recovered this lamp shade and went to Jomar to get the fabric, the tulle, the doile and even the button! All for under $6! Thank you Jomar! You make craft-making much more afforable!
Mary Mieloch head to toe jomar! shoes, dress, jacket, underwear, jewelry all for less than $75
Margaret Hicks I brought these beautiful curtain's from Jomars.Drapes and curtains. My Dinning Room and living room look simply marvelious. Thanks Jomar's
Regina Beaucheane It was extraordinary! In this photo, I'm wearing a fabulous Jones New York cocktail dress at my theater group's annual awards dinner. I won Best Actress and looked every inch the leading lady in this dress - which cost me only $25!
Lauren Chronister I used yards and yards of tulle and chiffon from the Norristown location for one of my design classes last semester where we were given the task of designing and creating a red dress. Mine was inspired by red algae, and with the help of all of my Jomar fabric I kept my costs down without sacrificing my vision. Thanks Jomar!!! P.S. I am on the right in the photograph, my model is wearing my design. It does not fit me, as I made it to fit standard model sizing as we are required to do for school, which is why there is the second person in the photograph.
Aiyi Li Love Jomar!
Aiyi Li She is my daughter .Her name is Emily. She loves to go shopping with me at Jomar.
Aiyi Li Love Jomar!
Aiyi Li shop Christmas stuffs from Jomar . good deal and good stuffs !
Aiyi Li love Jomar! lots of stuff for kids and adults.
Aiyi Li look , how nice I got these costume for my kids at Jomar.
Christina Riehman-Murphy I'm taking sewing classes and everyone kept talking about Jomar. So I headed down to Whitaker to check you out for the first time. Found this amazing fabric and turned it into this purse for my second project. At $3.99 a yard everyone was jealous of the great print at an incredible price.
shanailah allen Love this jacket....A great buy a Jomar....
Therese Garvin I'm a costume designer! I love getting clothing items and my fabric from Jomar.
cathy tenaglia would've been a 30$ shirt or more.. 10$ at jomar then big black friday sale.. and got it for 7$. I wore it for christmas parties, evening out and for valentines dinner.
Tara Hill Omg it was awesome! I never knew about this place until someone told me to go there. I'm learning how to sew and found *the* cutest fabrics to start out with. I'm currently teaching myself to sew little tarot bags as well as stuffed animals that I can give out to little kids when done. I wish I could have a picture of a finished product for you, but for now all I can submit are the fabrics that I bought that I'll be using. Thanks, Jomar! :)
mariel rojo I always go to jomar to get fabrics, they have the best prizes in town and you can find some amazing fabrics. for a collage fashion design student is the best you can find. Im already friends with everyone on the fabric section!..i will go there every week, just to see what they have, and I always end up shopping some amazing finds.
Virginia Ely My daughter Clare LOVES these rocket ship pajamas. They're by Joe Boxer, and I know I could never have afforded them at full price in a dept. store. Incidentally, the yellow curtains in the background were also made from fabric purchased at Jomar.
GINGER Benckert Renaissance chemise. Made chemise with fabric and lace trim, and cord. This was great fabric and looks beautiful