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March Winners

 Image  Name  Comments
Crystal Aagland pretty simple the blouse was 8$ and the skirt was 10$ the shoes were 20$ this outfit is very casual.
Afi Johnson I must admit that my find was very great
Fiordaliza garcia it was a great find, im fascinated with my shoes and my dress. i just love jomar that's why i always tell all my friends and family about you guys.
Allison Hopkins This coat was only $5!!! It looks great on my little Wynn! Thank you!!
Elaine Luu great
Julianne Kelley One of my favorite dresses so far that I made from a stretchy white lace from the sale section! I recycled leftover navy pinstripe fabric from another dress for cuffs and a snapping belt that add perfect finishing touches and contrasting structure to the cut edges at the neckline and hemline. Not the easiest outfit to get into since its pretty snug, but definitely worth the wiggling!
Tasia Leonard I buy all of my fabric from jomar! I made that dress I'm wearing for my album release party and I made the red curtain behind me, all from jomar. I got all of my fabric and materials from jomar to make this beautiful get up!! Thank you jomar!!!
Denida Seybert I was able to find the perfect fabric for my project really cheap. Thanks Jomar.
Mary LeGrow I play a princess character for a children's party entertainment company, and I also sew some of the costumes that my company uses. Our character visits wouldn't be as magical without the amazing finds in JoMar's fabric shop! The children adore the glittery, designer-look fabrics I use for our costumes, and I love the incredible prices and special finds, like the unusual trims, flowers and appliques, that add unique touches to each costume. Parents always want to know where we get our amazing dresses made! Thanks for helping make little princesses' dreams come true, Jomar!
Shari Siever Once again Jomar fabric department rocks! I recovered this lamp shade and went to Jomar to get the fabric, the tulle, the doile and even the button! All for under $6! Thank you Jomar! You make craft-making much more afforable!
Lauren Chronister I used yards and yards of tulle and chiffon from the Norristown location for one of my design classes last semester where we were given the task of designing and creating a red dress. Mine was inspired by red algae, and with the help of all of my Jomar fabric I kept my costs down without sacrificing my vision. Thanks Jomar!!! P.S. I am on the right in the photograph, my model is wearing my design. It does not fit me, as I made it to fit standard model sizing as we are required to do for school, which is why there is the second person in the photograph.
Christina Riehman-Murphy I'm taking sewing classes and everyone kept talking about Jomar. So I headed down to Whitaker to check you out for the first time. Found this amazing fabric and turned it into this purse for my second project. At $3.99 a yard everyone was jealous of the great print at an incredible price.


November Winners

 Image  Name  Comments
Aiyi Li Love Jomar!
crystal stephens Love that bling!
Debi Richter My daughter and I found our "Oscar Party" dresses for $10 !!!!! This is her wonderful find, she is Kat Richter who shops with me all the time.
Fatima Hidalgo Jomar is my favorite store...I go there every week, and always find a good bargain. Now that I don´t have a job and I´m a single mom, Jomar has help me find the things I need for me and my baby at the best affordable price. As you can see in the picture I got from Jomar the fabrics from the fabric for the curtains in the back along with trimmigs, my sweeter, my neckace, the christmas antlers, baby´s Santa Claus bib, make up, and my sleepers. What would I do without Jomar!!? Thank you :)
Jeff Westcott Incredible find. My girlfriend and I needed matching costumes for a Christmas party. We were worried at first because we are college students on a budget, but we heard about Jomar from a friend and found these festive costumes at a bargain price. Everyone was jealous of our Jomar.
Lya Rodgers I've worn Jomar's finds on many special occasions, but none as special as my 21st birthday! Loved the dress so much that I got Barbie cake with a matching dress. I love Jomar's!
mariel rojo i love jomars fabric, all my designs are made from jomars fabric, i love that i can find great fabrics( like silk) for good price!..i can spend all day at jomar looking and buying fabric!..some weeks ago i had a collection that was about vintage buttons and where i went??? JOMAR!! favorite place!!!
Melinda Jones Melinda from Trenton utilized fabric covered foam to create height and drama in her living room! Jomars allows her to be the Interior Designer onf a budget! Check out the rug, also made from Faux Fur Jomars fabric!
Sabra Walter I used this awesome fabric that I found at Jomar's to create these beautiful scarves. These will make great Christmas gifts for all my friends and family!
Sarah Muhl I made this halter swing style dress with Jomar fabric! Inspired by Elvis, I would not have been able to bring this design to life without Jomar!
Shari Siever I made a tshirt blanket with a fleece backing for a friend. I got the best fleece there for 75% off of competitor prices! I went back for more and found beautiful upholstry, that I made pillows from for my couch, shown here, at half the price! And I found my wooden necklace there for just $1!! I get so many compliments on the necklace and am proud to say it's from Jomar! By far the best deals around!
vernyce dannells Jomar is a treasure hunter's paradise! Whenever i find myself in the vicinity of any of its stores, I'm there. My coat and top are the envy of many friends, and i'll never see my clothes on anyone else.

October Winners

 Image  Name  Comments
Connie Lewis My grandmother bought my sister and my coats from Jomar's. We both love the coats and each other.
Melinda Jones-Daniels Sowing my L.O.V.E for the fabric dept. at Jomar. I made this headboard from a few yards of silver fabric from your store, giving may bedroom the wow factor.
William Castillo wow amazing! my family want to see me dressing like that more often!!!
Heather Haigh I just found Jomar a few months ago when I was dropping my boys off at their dad's in S.Philly. I was HOOKED! When my son asked to be Papa Smurf for Halloween, I knew where I needed to go to get fabric. We pored over every bolt in there, and as expected, found THE PERFECT fabrics to make his Smurf costume. Everything was fantastic!!!!
Monalisa Gilbert I recently launched an accessories line of unique, handmade circle scarves called Year7, and many of my scarves are made with premium fabrics I purchase from Jomar:)
Bertha Olivarez Amazing fun, shopping at Jomar and combining great pieces for great outfits. Great prices for great finds at Jomar!! From head to toes for $26.00. One dollar for each of the items: the hat, scarf, gloves. Five dollar for each: pull over blouse, corduroy jacket and $12.00 black casual shoes. Gotta love Jomar!! Always, Bertha M. Olivarez
Nyeta Allen i love cooky fabrics weird things to make creative unique outfits out off. An Happy Couture original...
ChaCha N'Kole I was able to create a unique pair of shorts and a cute tube top from fabric found at Jomar.
julia schiela Glasses that are are $40. were $5.00 and cheese board and knife were a steal as well. I love them!
Rahiem Brooks I went to Jomar's on Swanson and was helped by manager Jomare and a fabrics woman named Regina. Jomare selected the fabric and then Regina made my coat, vest, and pants using that material for my Halloween costume. Thanks guys..
Bill Pulver A great place for fun Halloween costume makings!


September Winners

 Image  Name  Comments
Michele Breslin This is what I made with things bought at Jomar : )
Erin Burgmayer Cutest winter coat! It's lasted me for years now. I love Jomar!
Melissa Diaz Made with fabrics purchased at Jomar; Boots also purchased at Jomar.
Vittoria Woodill I write a Blog called, where I talk about living polished on a budget. I have featured the great finds I've gotten at Jomar before, and recently I scored this Black and Silver Blend Jacket for $30 and Black Shape Fix tights for $8! I have a TON more Jomar finds and love this contest idea to show them off! Thanks for your consideration!
Briana Dockery Easy and fast. Lots of satifaction whenever I leave the store.
Caresse Norris I'm a fashion Design student, and every time i receive i project, Jomar's is my first stop for fabric! I've done so many great things with the fabric, that i can't even choose just one photo! I love the fabric department; Fashion on a penny!
Marie Grabowski My mother has been shopping @ jomar for over 20 years & the designer cloths she gets 4 me are amazing! I have on a winter designer coat & boots from jomar...Kind Regards, Laura Grabowski
Natalie Mcgill I always find nice things at Jomar. My closet is filled with Jomar's clothes, shoes and household items. My mother shopped at Jomar when I was a teen, I liked it then and I love it now. So, I am continuing the tradition, with my kids. I always tell my friend you can have nice things and you do not have to spend so much "Go to Jomars." Thanks Jomar. Keep up the good work...
Becky Hagerty I teach Kindergarten and I got the PERFECT fabric to match my "jungle" themed classroom at Jomar!
Stephanie Denzer I bought the fabric for this wool winter coat at Whitaker Jomar. Many coats of this calliber run for $150.00, while I was able to make this one for less than $25.00! I am almost excited for the winter so that I can wear my new coat!!!
Carmen Campbell Saniya 2 1/2 years loves her pjs!