“You just have to dig”

"Jomar is a cross between a flea market and Saks 5th Avenue. You just have to dig. It's fun to come in and shop. I started shopping at Jomar at their Emerald Street location when there were no price tags. My favorite bargain buys include: Christmas trees, tent, fabric, shoes, down comforters and down pillows and much, much more. I've found down pillows valued at $100 for only $7.00." - B. Eckman



“I’m a second generation shopper”

"I am a second generation shopper of Jomar. My mom shopped when I was small and as an adult I have always been able to count on Jomar for great savings for things I need." - B. Tillman



“I found the most beautiful…prom dress”

"I coordinate many large events at my Church, and I was thrilled when I discovered Jomarespecially for the fabrics at $1- $2/ yd. For about the same price as a paper or plastic tablecloth, I can put together cloth tablecloths for an event . The large selection at Jomar means that I can get any color/pattern I need. I can't imagine going to a traditional fabric store anymore!" - J. Ostertag



“I find lots of bargains”

"I shop here frequently and enjoy it. The employees are nice and friendly and I find lots of bargains." - D. Dorsey



“I visit 2-3 times a week”

"I love shopping at Jomar, I can always find a bargain whether its clothing, bedding or housewares. I visit at least 2-3 times a week." - J. Foulks



“The deals…are great”

"Overall shopping at Jomar is always the best experience. The deals or sales are great." - H. Lopez